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Naturelle Food is an American Egyptian company established in 2019, The company specializes in producing healthy food products, gluten-free health products, and low protein products to serve the requirements of the local and international market. The company is committed to providing high quality, healthy, and safe products.

The company offers its products in three divisions:

  1. Gluten-free products, as this section, specializes in producing basic products such as flour, semolina, bulgur, couscous, pasta, and others, but it is derived from gluten-free alternatives to wheat.
  2. High nutritional value products, and also gluten-free and they are in five groups (buckwheat products – millet products – quinoa products – lentils products – chickpeas products), varying from flour through semolina, bulgur, and couscous to pasta.
  3. Low-protein products, as the company has paid special attention to metabolic patients, providing them with a wide variety of basic and complementary products to help them enjoy a safe and healthy life and as alternatives to wheat from flour to pasta, in addition to milk alternatives, baby cereal, mashed potatoes, meat Fish, eggs and rice.
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Naturelle Food Company is committed to producing high-quality products with international specifications to cover the requirements of the local and regional markets, as befits the export of products to global markets. The company already exports its products to a group of Arab and foreign countries, including the United States, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Emirates and others, in addition to the Egyptian market, where the company’s factory is located.

Our Mission

Our Value

Naturelle Food believes that success comes through the diligent and combined effort of the company’s teamwork, as this is reflected in the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services and enhances the concepts and values of integrity and frankness, transparency and trust, teamwork, and the improvement of quality, and Commitment to individual and community responsibility.

Our Vision

Healthy and safe food for life

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Curated Products
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